Pad Craft Racks for all needs

Who are we? We are the product of a 28+ year old furniture manufacturing company, known as Best Craft Furniture in rural Kaukauna, WI.

We recognized a need for a high quality wood storage products to help those with multiple watercraft products,  to allow them to store them in quality built racks made from the finest cedar we could find.

We now have all 14 models available for order online. But rest assured, we are busy designing and considering adding additional products in the future, to ensure we have a Pad Craft Rack for all in need of watercraft storage!

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Store Watercrafts and Wood!

Pad Craft Rack - PCR31 is a one sided Rack that can store two crafts, and also provide a 4 Foot covered wood storage rack. Perfect for the lakeside fire pit area!

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Single Sided Pad Craft Rack

Pad Craft Rack - PCR32 offers the ability to store two watercrafts, either a canoe/kayak on bottom, and either a canoe, kayak or SUP board on top

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