About Us

New product.... not a new company. 

Although the Pad Craft Rack is a new product in 2019, the company that has designed, built and brought them to the market has been building the highest quality products since 1990, when Best Craft Furniture began building the finest custom built furniture in east central Wisconsin with just 6 employees. Family ownership and commitment to building high quality products, at affordable prices have driven the success and expansion of the company.  Today 70+ people continue building furniture and now Pad Craft Racks, the old fashioned way in rural Kaukauna and Brillion Wisconsin plants.

We build our products to last for our customers. it's "bench-made"; a tradition of early furniture craftsman.  This means that all the components of each product we build come together in one location, one plant and in a quality controlled environment, ensuring that the focus on creating one quality product at a time will result in the final result we seek for each Pad Craft Rack we build. 

Only the finest quality cedar wood from the north woods is used in all of our wood products. And delivery? It's personal! To ensure that your Pad Craft Rack arrives in excellent condition, we will deliver on our own trucks. We go the extra mile to ensure our quality and your satisfaction are covered from our door to yours.

Thanks for considering Pad Craft Rack to help you store your watercraft products! 

To reach us via phone, you can always call us at (920) 372-8417.